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Officiating Requirements

2017 CERTIFICATION REQUIREMENTS  [List of Officials and Requirements completed]

1) Register as a Great Plains/USAV member


2) Pass a USA Volleyball background screening (if you are 18 or older)


3) Complete the appropriate certification level online clinic.

Your clinic will be loaded to your account.  If you feel the wrong clinic was loaded, contact the Region office.  For officials who are registered in another Region, you must contact YOUR region to see what their requirements are.


For Great Plains Region Officials:

Log into your USAV membership account (go to and click on Membership Log-In)


One of the following clinics will be loaded into your USAV Academy account.

            GP17_201 - Great Plains – Referee

            GP17_202 - Great Plains – Provisional Referee

            GP17_203 - Great Plains – Provisional + Referee

            GP17_204 - Great Plains – Regional Referee


Referee – Any official new to officiating or with little experience.


Provisional – Referees who are satisfied with their level of certification and have no intention of acquiring a Regional certification.


Provisional + – Referees who are in at least their 2nd year of officiating and are interested in moving to the Regional level.


Regional – Referees who have been given the certification of Regional Referee.


OPTIONAL:  For National and Jr National Officials (and anyone else interested)

New this year.  There is a clinic called GP17_299 - Great Plains Cram Session.  This clinic gives you sample quizes over many different rule subjects to help you get prepared for your referee exam.  This clinic is not required.  You can take as many or as little as you wish.


You will complete your clinic modules on the USA Volleyball Academy.  It is a single login system.  You will always log into your membership record first.  Then click any of the red buttons that say USAV Academy.  The easiest is at the bottom of the left column in your membership record.


When you get logged into USA Volleyball Academy, you should see your clinic modules listed under Enrolled.  Click the Green GO button to launch the module you want to see.  When you have completed a module, make sure the system has updated before closing the program.  The completed module should then show up under the Completed area.  The clinic is not complete until all modules in the clinic are completed.


All modules / clinics do not need to be completed in one sitting.  You can start and stop each module when necessary.  The module will start where you previously left off.  Again, your certification will not be complete until you’ve completed all modules listed in your clinic course.




When you have completed ALL of your modules within your clinic, it should say it is100% complete.  Your certification will be changed to current in your membership record when all requirements have been met.  This would include evaluations and completing a score sheet or two.


4) Complete the referee test – Form A for Regional level referees and Form C for all Provisional referees.  The test will be one of the modules within the clinic that is loaded for you. 


5) Complete scoresheets.  Your last scoresheet must be completed and turned in by February 1.  Scoresheets are to be sent to the Great Plains office (7515 Main St, Ralston, 68127).  They may be scanned and emailed to or faxed to 402-593-9760.


6) Complete the required number of observations/ratings.  Referees are not paid for the observation/rating matches.

1) No referees will be paid for matches until their requirements are complete.

2) Your certification will not show as current until you have completed all of the requirements.

3) After February 1 you will not be assigned to matches until all certification requirements have been met. After that date, if you have completed the registration, clinic, and exam requirements, you may notify the Great Plains office if you want to be assigned to a tournament specifically to complete any remaining observations or scoresheets.

All certification requirements must be completed by February 1 each season.


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