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USA Jr Beach Tour June 8 Results

Posted on Thu, Jun 12 2014 21:42:00

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The 5th Annual Great Plains Open of the USA Jr Beach Tour
 in Omaha, NE on Sunday, June 8, 2014

We had a very good increase in teams this year with a total of 47 teams on 11 courts.  Next year we hope to fill up at 60 teams on 12 courts.  The weather was great.  An average day for June in Omaha, Nebraska.  The morning was overcast and 65.  The afternoon highs were 75 and mostly sunny with very little winds.  This was a definite improvement from last year with a one hour delay because of heavy rains.  The top 3 finishers from each division were either from Kansas or Iowa, with Iowa winning the medal count 8-4. 

The 12’s division was won by Bridget Divers from Shawnee, KS and Courtney Jackson from Olathe, KS.  Second place went to Jazlyn Westmoreland and Elizabeth Schmidt both from Waverly, IA.  Third place was Jaden Ravensborg from Shawnee, KS and Lauren Farris from Leavenworth, KS.

The 14’s division was won by Tayah Mahi from Cedar Falls, IA and Abbey Weideman from Cedar Point, IA.  Second place went to Taylor Kuper from Lenexa, KS and Megan Neil from Overland Park, KS.  Third place was Jade Henderson and Madison Slagle both from Cedar Rapids, IA.

The 16’s division was won by Jade Putz from Manchester, IA and Kylie Kuyava-Deberg from Hudson, IA.  Second place went to Kelsey Mulligan from Olathe, KS and Kylie Farris from Leavenworth, KS.  Third was Aubrey Sowers from Coralville, IA and Anna Fluent Cedar Rapids, IA.

The 18’s division was won by Meagan Miller from Fairbank, IA and Jaime Wilson from Central City, IA.  Second place went to Danielle Pennington from Bettendorf, IA and Jordan Smith Solon, IA.  Third place was Sarah Renner from Cedar Rapids, IA and Abbi Staack from Jainsville, IA.


Best Matching Uniforms:  Danielle Pennington and Jordan Smith  Cool