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IMPACT Schedule

Posted on Tue, Nov 15 2016 21:18:00



2017 Schedule is now ready.  Click on the Class # to register. 


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Dominican Republic Volleyball Trip

Posted on Sun, Nov 13 2016 23:32:00


Chestnut Livermore, who is an adult player in the Great Plains region, recently went to Jarabocoa, Dominican Republic.  She was there from October 8-16 and her ministry was Women's Sports-Volleyball. 

The Great Plains region donated over 40 volleyballs.  “The site leaders were astounded at the amount of volleyballs they received.  They were just so overjoyed to be able to get them!  They only play outdoor on cement courts.  So, as you can imagine their volleyballs only last about 4-6 months.”  Below is a photo of their JV team with their new donated volleyballs.


“The site leaders name was Jess Gates-Paez and she is moving next month back to the U.S.  One of the girls who has been in the program since 8th grade will be taking over as the site leader.”

They also have a ministry where they go to the local schools during their P.E. classes and teach volleyball.  “Every school we visited did not even own a volleyball.  The USA Volleyball donations allowed for Student's International to give to the 3 schools at least one volleyball for the times that the S.I. teams couldn't make it to the classes.  If anyone in the region has old volleyballs, nets, knee pads, shoes, etc, they would all be a tremendous help.


“So, a huge THANK YOU to the region for your contribution!  Smile